Disabled Refuge Systems

Current building regulations state all new non-domestic buildings with more than one storey must provide 'refuge' areas defined as safe places where people who cannot easily use fire escapes and evacuation lifts can call for assistance and wait until help arrives.

Aaron Access Fire & Security pride ourselves on a wide range of simple, effective two-way communication in these areas to assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is required and to reassure people help is on the way.

It can also be used by trained personnel in large arenas and venues to help ensure evacuation of people in emergency situations

Our systems can be installed in a variety of locations and typically located in a building's control room or fire services access point. They allow emergency personnel to communicate with the systems outstations around the the building to ensure all people in the refuge are safe and informed of the current situation.

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Annual System Maintenance

The system maintenance service ensures your systems are working effectively and mitigate any potential system faults to strive for100% uptime. Engineers will survey your disabled refuge systems, carry out maintenance and checks inline with contract and requirements.

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